Lyrics By: Benton Crane
Album: Midnight

I've got a mystery

I know, I'm not alone

Waiting for the very souls

Who have already gone

I don't know a single face

I don't know where I am

I don't even know my name

Or where my freedom stands


Don't run, the midnight calls your name (X2)

Fade to black, radio silence

You never listen to the sounds of the silence

Stealing shadows for my friends

A fire breathing dragon defends

The gates of hell for you infidels 

Your mama raised you better than this

In the end your covered in blood

Only saved by those who run


Don't run, the midnight calls your name (X4)

Wipe the faces of many men

Foot soldiers waiting in the parking lot

Feeling sorry for themselves

A pocket full is all you are

I never knew the idiot

Who ran when he was called

Now I'm waiting for my turn

To give it all I ever had

When I wake up in the morning

I'll tell you what I had to find

A cup of coffee and a cigarette 

Will ease my weary mind


Don't run, the midnight calls your name X4


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